GOD PROMISED REDEMPTION FOR MANKIND Adam and Eve disobeyed God, as result sin was introduced into the world. Man fell from position of dominion, were separated from God. The consequence of sin Gen 2
Gen 3:15
THE CALL OF NOAH AND THE FLOOD After the fall, mankind continued to sin. Generations after generations passed,each one becoming more wicked than the one before it. God called a man named Noah to preach repentance to mankind. God sent a great flood to cover the whole earth. Mankind refused to repent, continued to live in disobedient. Noah and his family obeyed God and were saved from the flood. Gen 4-11
THE CALL OF ABRAHAM – THE FATHER OF MANY NATIONS. ISAAC JACOB {ISRAEL} THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL After the flood, Mankind continued to do evil, however God did not give up on man and His plan of redemption. He called Abraham whom he would also make the father of the Israelites. Abraham obeyed God. His relationship with God continued with his family. God gave Abraham a Son name Isaac. Isaac had Jacob and Esau. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Israel had 12 children which were the 12 tribes of Israel. God is doing something here, raising up generation for Himself. God does not give up on His covenant of redemption. Gen 12-38 2091- 1876 BC {215years}
GOD DELIVERED THE CHILDREN FROM THE EGYPTIAN- THE EXODUS Israel’s son, Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave to Egypt. This is one of the many places in the scriptures where God’s sovereignty was displayed. Joseph became the second most powerful man in Egypt. Joseph invited his father and his whole families to Egypt to live in the land. 70 people moved to Egypt, 430 years later almost 2 million people moved out of Egypt. The Egyptian made the children of Israel slaves. God raised up a man named Moses to deliver them from Egypt. At this point, God revealed Himself to the children of Israel and the world at large as YAHWEH meaning “I Am Who I Am” Gen 37 -50
Gen 46:27
Ex 12: 37
Ex 19: 4-6
1876 – 1446 BC {430 years}
God has chosen a People for Himself

After the Exodus, God has a people chosen for Himself. God made covenant with His people. The purpose of the covenant is to help man seek God and pursue relationship with Him. This covenant is called the covenant of the Law. After the law comes the components of the Law.

The Tabernacle – God told the Israelites to build a tabernacle as a monumental sign of His covenant. God has a dwelling among His people. The Sacrificial System – God knows that man cannot perfectly obey Him and His commandment, He instituted a system of animal sacrifice. God did this to teach His people that sin is costly. Now, God is teaching man that he is incapable of fulfilling the covenant of the Law. Whenever man sins, he had to sacrifice. They are reminded that their hope is in God and His promise of a Redeemer which He {God} promised in Gen 3:15. The Priesthood – God appointed priests to function as mediators between Himself and the people by offering sacrifices on behalf of the people for the remission of their sins.

Exodus 19 – 31
Exodus 31:18
1446 BC
CANAANLAND – THE PROMISED LAND God delivered the Israelites from slavery In Egypt and promised them a land of their own – Canaan. This is the same promise he made to Abraham. For lack of faith and disobedience to God, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Number 13 24 1446 – 1406 BC
JOSHUA LED THE ISRAELITES It was 685 years after the promise was made to Abraham that the Israelites entered into Canaan. God fulfilled His promise to Abraham to make his descendants like the sand of the sea or the stars of heaven. God also promised to plant them in their own land and make them a great nation. The Israelites failed to follow God’s law and the covenant. Joshua 21: 43-45 1406 – 1375 BC
THE ERA OF THE JUDGES – CYCLES OF DISOBEDIENCE The children of Israel continued to disobeyed God. After the death of Joshua, they stopped driving out the inhabitants of the land as instructed by God. They were led astray into idolatry as a result. God raised 13 Judges whom God used deliver the Israelites. The children of Israel continued to fall into sin, got defeated by the enemies, cry to God and God would raise a deliverer. The cycle repeated itself throughout the book of the Judges. The approximately 363 years period of the Judges displayed God’s unending mercy and faithfulness to the covenant. God would not give up on His people despite their sin and disobedience Judges 3:12 – 30 1406 – 1043 BC
GOD PROMISED ETERNAL KINGDOM ISRAEL PROSPERED AS A UNITED KINGDOM Israel had been in the promised land for 363 years. They had no king like other nations. God raised up judges. God was their ruler. Israel want to be like other nation, they wanted a King. God allowed it but He was not pleased. They rejected God as their King. Israel prospered under God as a nation. They were strong and rich. God gave them victory over their enemy. They built a magnificent temple. At this time, God revealed the next in His p plan for redemption. God made an eternal covenant with David. God revealed that Jesus would come from the family of David and He will establish an eternal kingdom. 1 & 2 SAM SAMUEL
1 SAM 8:4 – 8
1043 – 931 BC {112years}
KINGDOM SPLIT INTO TWO – PRESERVED FROM DESTRUCTION Solomon was David’s son: he disobeyed God by marrying foreign women who turn his hearts toward the idols of their lands. Israel slide back into idolatry. The consequence of this was that God took away the kingdom from the house of David. But not all the kingdom. This was fulfilled in the time of Solomon’s son – Rehoboam. Rehoboam’s kingdom was in the south and was called Judah. Jeroboam’s kingdom was in the north and was called Israel. The two kingdoms were both enemies and Allies. Neither of the two kingdom kept covenant and the Law. However, throughout history, God has always send prophets to remind them of the Law and the covenant and also to call them torepentance. The two kingdom never fully commit to God, idolatory was a major issue for them. Neither of the two kingdom repented and were both taken into exile as a result of their disobedience. The norther kingdom existed for 209years was known as Israel. Samaria was the capital of , consisted of 10 tribes of Isreal, had 19 kings, taken to exile by the Assyrians in 722BC. The Southern kingdom lasted for 345 years, was known as Judah. Jerusalem was the capital, consisted of two tribes of Israel. {Benjamin and Judah}. They had 19 kings and one queen. All this kings are Descendants of David. They were taken to exile by the Babylonians in 586 BC. God did not relent in His effort to call the Israelites to repentance . He waited for hundreds of years. Though, sin has consequences , yet God never left them nor forsook His covenant even while they were in exile. When the kingdom splited into two and both kingdom refused to obey God. He sent prophets to call His people to repentance. The prophets proclaimed their message by writing, speaking and acting it. Jeremiah, Joel, Isaiah, Amos, Hosea and other prophets were sent to the Israelites. The prophets were God’s agent reminding His people of the plan of Redemption. 1king 12
1 Chronicle
2 Chronicles
1king 11:11- 13
2 King 17:5 – 23
Ezekiel 4
Isaiah 20
Hosea 1
931 – 722/586 BC
LIFE IN EXILE – GOD OF JUSTICE, JUDGEMENT AND COVENANT The northern kingdom was the first to go into exile in 722 BC. The Assyrian were known for its harsh and gruesome treatment of captives. The Israelites were maltreated and taken captives. The Assyrian re-settled the children of Israel in area of their empire. They were inter-married with the people of the lands. They were forced to worship their gods. The tribes were lost because they were absorbed into the people around them. They never returned from their exile. The Assyrian resettled other people in the land of Israel{Northern Kingdom}, they were idol worshipper from other conquered land. The people of Judah despised this new neighbors and the enmity between them continued throughout the Old and New Testament period of the bible. These resettled group of people are called the Samaritans. The Kingdom of Judah lasted for another 136years after Israel were taken captive by the Assyria. The Babylonians rose and conquered the Assyrian. King Nebuchadnezzar rose and took the Kingdom of Judah into captivity. Judah came back from exile after 70 years Israel never came back. God brought Judah back to their land because of His promise to David. Life in Babylon was not too bad for Judah. Babylonians allows captives freedom to pursue good life and they get Loyalty in return for that. Daniel , Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were example of people who excelled in Babylon. The exile in Babylon lasted for 70years 2 Chronicles 36:15 – 21
2 Kings 25
Jeremiah 25 :11
Jeremiah 29: 10
586 BC
BACK TO JERUSALEM – GOD RESTORES HIS PEOPLE No kingdom last forever. In 539 BC the Babylonian Empire fell to the Persians. Isaiah the prophet had earlier foretold that a king named Cyrus of Persia will bring back the people of Judah to their land. 150 years later, this prophecy was fulfilled. God always has a plan. It was king Cyrus who decreed that all the people{Jews} could return to their land if they so wish. He gave them money to re-build their cities, wall and temple of of worship. According to record of history, an Estimated 2-3million Jews were in Babylon, only about 50,000 chose to return back at Cyrus’ decree. In 539 BC, the first group of people began rebuilding the temple but were met with opposition. This group were led by Zerubbabel. In 458BC, the second group of people came and finish the building of the temple This was 81 years after the first group led by Ezra. The third group came 14 years later and re-built the walls of Jerusalem. This last group was led by Nehemiah in 444BC. Things were different and never remained the same. Then came the 400 years of silence. Some of the events were not recorded in The scripture during this period of silence 1. Alexander the Great conquered the World and brought it under submission To Greece. The Maccabean Period. EZRA
ISAIAH 45-46
539 – 444 BC
330 – 166BC
166 – 63 BC
JESUS – THE PROMISE FULFILLED Gen 3:15 was finally fulfilled. The Seed is here! God’s plan was to send His son to redeem mankind. Before the exile, the Israelites struggles mainly with idolatory and immorality. After the exile, the people resolved to never again let idolatory lead them away from God or back to exile. This was a good intention but they soon lost focus on God who gave them the law, they became worshipper of the Law rather than God . They became self-righteous, believing that their own righteousness was enough. As they continued to study the Law and the prophets - the scriptures, they gave special attention to prophecies that foretold the coming Messiah. They thought, believed and expected that God was going to raise a messiah who would come like a King or Judge and deliver them from the Roman Empire. But God plan was different, Jesus arrived on the scene in a very different and unexpected way. His birth was surrounded by scandal and Humble beginning. His city of birth was unknown. He grew up in Nazareth – very unpopular. He was not rich, did not marry. He did not use power to establish himself as a king. Did not obey their human laws as established by the Jews of his days. His death was unremarkable, he died with criminals. He was a disappointment to the Jews of his days. Jesus’ teaching stressed on relationship with God rather than rules and regulations Jesus’ death and resurrection ushered us into a new covenant between us andGod. From inception, the Law requires that the Israelites sacrificed animal whenever they break. This is to let them understand that sin is costly, therefore require the shedding of blood for forgiveness. In the new covenant, Jesus’ blood paid the price of sin once and for all. The old covenant was not a failure, its purpose was to teach people that God requires holiness and man is unable to meet His requirement. Paul describes the law as being a teacher that trained God’s people for the coming of Christ. MATHEW, MARK ,LUKE, JOHN
Jeremiah 31: 31-34
Heb 9:12
3:24 – 26